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Don't Let Winter Weather Hurt Your Property

Rely on us for a snow guard installation in Windsor, Hartford, Springfield, VT or Lebanon, NH

Icy sidewalks can create safety concerns during the winter months, but many people don't think about the risk of falling snow and ice. With one gust of wind, snow and ice can fly off your roof and hurt passersby. Prevent liability concerns with a snow guard installation from Level Headed Builders, LLC in Windsor, Hartford, Springfield, VT or Lebanon, NH.

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3 benefits of roof snow guards

Vermont is known for heavy snowfall. When snow piles up on your home, it can create a lot of strain on the roof. Make sure your home is equipped to handle the heavy-duty winter weather by installing snow guards.

Roof snow guards are beneficial because they can...

  1. Add value to your home
  2. Reduce the risk of injuries from falling ice
  3. Make your metal roof last longer

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